Caroline Louise Hairstylist
            Freelance Bridal hair specialist 

Caroline Louise Hairstylist 
                    Freelance Bridal hair specialist 


 Olaplex the Bond Multiplier that dramatically eliminates breakage from chemical colouring services and leaves the hair feeling amazing.

OLAPLEX cross links broken disulfide bonds. Nothing more, nothing less. All hair is made up of thousands of disulfide bonds. When any type of reduction is done such as chemical services including perms, color, lightener or relaxers, these bonds are broken and hair is reduced. Olaplex does one thing and one thing only. It creates both an ionic and covalent bridge between two single sulfur hydrogen bonds to form disulfide bonds. As such, it is not chemically possible to reduce the hair via Olaplex alone.

This NEW service is now available 

 I am happy to say I am one of the first to be offering this amazing service in Harrogate.

Olaplex can be used  in different ways :


  • Upgrade your colour adding into your colour 
  • Stand alone Treatment 
  • A course of  Olapex treatments can be bought  if you have severely damaged hair or you want to treat your hair before a colour change .

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Stand alone treatment 

£25.00 (blow dry not included)

added to colour from                               £15  

(£5.00 charge per bowl of colour ,toner on top)

number 3 take home for between visits  £30