Caroline Louise Hairstylist
            Freelance Bridal hair specialist 

Caroline Louise Hairstylist 
                    Freelance Bridal hair specialist 

Caroline has been been working in hair for over 20 years and my passion for my craft grows the more I work, learn and grow.  

Constantly educating myself, through course's working alonside other creatives in the fashion industry and I am constantly following trend reports, the twice a year amazing Fashion weeks...PAris, New York, London and Milan, where all our fashion begins and is shown to the worls, hair and make up trends..I spend hours watching and learning. 

 Caroline has taken part in  HAIR MASTERED WITH SAM KNIGHT, a 4 month online talent programme, 800 hairstylists were picked all over the world out of 18,000 to learn form the best top fashion insiders, like Tops Shop, Vogue and Allure magazine's and many more.

Since then within the year Caroline has been all over the country working on various shoots, working with some amazing creative's, some of which she now work with a lot and are named on here, if you should need them too! 

In June last year Caroline submitted a shoot she directed and researched and it was accepted and pubished in Elegant Magazine, not just a full editorial spread, but front cover too! 

This can all be seen here.

I am highly driven and very ambitious, I have a passion for hair, I am so very lucky to be able to have my passion as my job!

Note..all the pictures on my website are my own work, any that are not it will be mentioned.